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Khedivial Marine Logistics S.A.E

In the year 1981 Khedivial Marine Logistics S.A.E (Egyptian Joint Stock Company) was established in Egypt and the Middle East, to provide services for shipping, forwarding, oil, material supply businesses for both local & foreign companies in Egypt.
Khedivial Marine Logistics S.A.E operations are focused on offering efficient services,


Following the quality of our service thus having gained trust of our many clients.


We provide with cargo safety throughout all the stages of our delivery process.

Dedicated Customer Teams & An Agile Services

Global Logistics Partner
To World’s Famous Brands
Since 1981

Transparent Pricing

Fast, Efficient Delivery

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Khedivial Marine Logistics S.A.E


Our global logistics expertise, advanced supply chain technology & customized logistics solutions will help you analyze, develop and implement successful supply chain management strategies from end-to-end.
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We pride ourselves on providing the best transport and shipping services available allover the world. Our skilled personnel, utilising communications, tracking and processing software, combined with decades of experience! Through integrated supply chain solutions, Equita drives sustainable competitive advantages to some of Australia’s largest companies.

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