Welcome to Khedivial Marine Logistics S.A.E

In the year 1981 Khedivial Marine Logistics S.A.E (Egyptian Joint Stock Company) was established in Egypt and the Middle East, to provide services for shipping, forwarding, oil, material supply businesses for both local & foreign companies in Egypt. Khedivial Marine Logistics S.A.E operations are focused on offering efficient services,

handled by a professional team of experts, and supported by Strong & Reliable Contacts with the Egyptian authorities. We recognize your need for efficient express services to handle your shipments to worldwide destinations.

Air Freight Forwarding

In airfreight we are selling end results. Airfreight is all about time-critical transport with high demands on accuracy and dependability.

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Sea Freight Forwarding

At Khedivial Marine Logistics S.A.E We believe that sea freight does not need to be slow. A speedy and clear booking and communication process coupled flexible arrangements.

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Land Freight Forwarding

Our fleet consists of Trucks (1 Kg up to 30 tons & over.) Trailers, Super trucks: for loading heavy weights, such as cement, machinery, equipment, tools, steel bars.

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